2 Day Crash Course – Price $600

What you will learn:

  • Shop Safety.
  • Basic Techniques of Knife making.
  • How to grind and shape a knife.
  • Forging Basics and Proper Hammering Technique.
  • Heat Treatment and Tempering Technique.
  • Handle Countering and Finishing.
  • Basic Leather Sheath.

What is provided?

  • High Carbon Steel for Blade Construction
  • Your Choice of exotic hardwood or synthetic materials for the handle.
  • All the other necessary equipment and supplies to finish your knife.

What you will take Home?

  • A fully finished knife and Leather Sheath.
  • A new set of skills that will carry over into life with a great experience.


  • A notebook and pen to keep notes and tips.
  • Students are required to wear safety glasses at all times.
  • Appropriate footwear is required and will be checked at the beginning of the class (full ankle shoes, preferably leather boots if possible).
  • Students should wear pants.
  • Please bring snacks and any drinks that you may want to keep yourself going!

Register For Your Class

After registration, you will receive a liability waiver to be completed prior to the scheduled class.

Still not sure?

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me directly.