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I started as a Farrier when I was 16 years old. During my entire childhood, me and my family lived on our own small farm. We all kept busy with endless work. One day our farm Farrier was on site working on my horse. He then asked me to come help him out and ultimately learn the trade. As an admirer, I jumped at this opportunity. And so my blacksmithing journey began.

I took to this trade quite naturally. My mentor and I worked together every day for 6 years. During this time, I developed my style and skill in horse shoeing which today, over 20 years later, has been proven exponentially. I have a working relationship with several vets in the tri-state area to work on correcting problematic situations.

I knew shoeing was not all that I was interested in. I remember being in my teenage years and watching my friend’s father blacksmithing at their home. And so, my next apprenticeship began.

Hand Forging is one of my favorite past times. From what I called “quick projects” such as bottle openers, horse head hoof pics, roses, vessels, organic sculptures and more; to the more ornamental projects like tables, gates, railings, candelabras, etc. I take on just about any order and love to create the picture my client is asking for.

It was in 2016 when my passion for blacksmithing went in a new direction. I began my bladesmithing journey. I have always been fortunate to have worked as an apprentice or assistant to several well known, world class blacksmiths and farriers. My bladesmithing skills fall into the same tradition. With the honor of working with some of the best smiths to mold my bladesmithing into what it is today. Every knife is hand forged to my clients needs.

I have held on to my hometown farming lifestyle. My wife and I own and operate a 26 stall horse horse training facility. Together with my son, Ty, we have built our dream life called Lucky Shoe Farm. To complete my dream, I have added a 40×60 blacksmith shop. This allows me to work on projects around the clock, with the comfort of being at home!


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