2-Day Group Full Tang Class

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2-Day – $700

Our 2-Day Group Full Tang Class is designed for beginners and intermediate learners. It provides you with all the fundamental knowledge required to kickstart your journey in knife making. This class serves as the perfect starting point, allowing you to progress to more advanced courses. With a maximum of 3 to 4 people per class, you’ll receive personalized attention.

In this class, you will create a finished full-tang hunting knife from start to finish. You’ll learn essential skills such as forging, profiling, heat treatment, grinding, handle construction, and sharpening. This comprehensive experience equips you with the skills to continue crafting knives independently.




What is provided?

  • High Carbon Steel for Blade Construction
  • Your Choice of exotic hardwood or synthetic materials for the handle.
  • All the other necessary equipment and supplies to finish your knife.

What you will take Home?

A fully finished knife and a new set of skills that will carry over into life with a great experience.


  • A notebook and pen to keep notes and tips.
  • Students are required to wear safety glasses at all times.
  • Appropriate footwear is required and will be checked at the beginning of the class (full ankle shoes, preferably leather boots, if possible).
  • Students should wear pants.
  • Please bring snacks and any drinks that you may want to keep yourself going!


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